Our Weekly 757 Campaign

7 Issues

These issues are what we focus on at all levels of government. 

  1. Health Care Access
    Women’s Reproductive Rights
    Affordable Care Act
    Addiction Epidemic
    Compromised Food Supply

  2. Environmental Stewardship
    Climate Change
    Sea Level Rise
    Chesapeake Bay Health
    Renewable Energy
    Corporate Agriculture

  3. Fair Representation & Elections
    Redistricting Reform
    Voting Rights & Access
    "Get out the Vote” Efforts

  4. Public Education & Civic Engagement
    Freedom of Speech & Press
    School Funding & Performance Measures
    Art & Humanities Funding
    Civic & Science Literacy

  5. Diversity & Equal Dignity
    Muslim Ban/Registry
    Black Lives Matter
    Border Wall

  6. Economic Justice
    Living Wage
    Social Safety Net
    Community Safety & Revitalization

  7. #NotNormal
    Peculiar Trump Behavior
    Corrupt/Unqualified Cabinet Members
    Hostility Toward the Press
    Twitter Rants
    Empowering the Alt Right
    Conflict of Interest

5 Actions

Suggested actions this week

  1. Show Up!
    Our September monthly meeting is tomorrow. We will be trained and certified for voter registration, learn how to effectively share Redistricting Reform information with voters and learn about how to volunteer for a campaign. RSVP here for the September 21st meeting at Slover Library, 7 p.m., Downtown Norfolk.

  2. Attend!
    Civic responsibility begins with voting, but it doesn’t end there. Elected officials need to hear your concerns, and collaborating with others makes your voice stronger. Organized by the Legislative Collaborative Table, a coalition of nineteen local organizations, this Social Justice University event prepares attendees for group visits with their delegates to the General Assembly. If you care about non-discrimination, redistricting, Medicaid expansion, rising sea level, funding public transit, or criminal justice reform, come to this free, action-oriented briefing session on Sunday, September 24, 2:30-5:00 p.m., at the Unitarian Church of Norfolk, 739 Yarmouth Street, Norfolk. Let us know you are going - here!

  3. Commit to Plus3!
    Plus3 is a new Get Out the Vote (GOTV) strategy to help address the problem of low voter turnout, especially in non-presidential elections. It is a collaboration between Thunderdome Politics and other grassroots organizations. Become of part of this strategy without a huge commitment. Learn more HERE.

  4. Become a DameChanger!
    Announcing the 8th Annual Virginia Women’s Conference: DameChangers!
    The Virginia Women's Conference will explore tools for success by providing advice from experts on health, careers, leadership, personal development, business, finance, and retirement. It will feature remarks from Senator Warner, prominent keynote speakers, and will include workshops, a resource expo, and networking opportunities. Register here!

  5. Keep Calling!
    Call your Senators today and demand the proposed healthcare bill be killed, and a bi-partisan process be undertaken to debate and consider changes that will truly help and affect the wellness of the American public.
    Senator Kaine 202-224-4024
    Senator Warner 202-224-2023

7 Dollars

Money talks. These campaigns need our support. Make it happen.

Cheryl Turpin - Put $7 here
Kelly Fowler - Put $7 here
Anne Tucker - Put $7 here
Leigh Anne Bowling - Put $7 here
Veronica Coleman - Put $7 here

About Us

We are a local organization intent on bringing structure and strategy to progressive efforts here in Hampton Roads. Created by local residents to connect smart, curious and action-oriented women, MotherBoard is finding efficient ways to support issues and candidates here in Hampton Roads.    

Our Vision
We envision local communities led by diverse, responsible and progressive leaders.   

Our Mission
Connect citizens with progressive organizations, issues and events to bring about greater engagement and positive outcomes.    

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