Our 7 Core Issues


We believe our 7 core issues are interconnected by race, class, and gender. It is MotherBoard's goal to provide opportunities of awareness through intersectionality, so that we can better understand and define our common goals. 

Heath Care Access
Women’s Reproductive Rights
Affordable Care Act
Addiction Epidemic
Compromised Food Supply

Environmental Stewardship

Climate Change
Sea Level Rise
Chesapeake Bay Health
Renewable Energy
Corporate Agriculture

Fair Representations and Elections
Redistricting Reform
Voting Rights & Access
“Get out the Vote” Efforts

Public Education and Civic Engagement
Freedom of Speech & Press
School Funding & Performance Measures
Art & Humanities Funding
Civic & Science Literacy

Diversity & Equal Dignity
Muslim Ban/Registry
Black Lives Matter
Border Wall

Economic Justice
Living Wage
Social Safety Net
Community Safety & Revitalization

Peculiar Trump Behavior
Corrupt/Unqualified Cabinet Members
Hostility Toward the Press
Twitter Rants
Empowering the Alt Right
Conflict of Interest