Keeping Up with state legislation


Education/Civic Engagement legislation for 2018 session

What bills were introduced? 

Did they make it to committee, sub-committee, House, Senate, Governor, law?

Find out here for House Bills on Education.

Find out here for Senate Bills on Education.

Public Ed. & Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement requires Public Education.

Motherboard knows the critical role a sound public education system plays in our city.  Advocating for qualified school board representatives, pushing for fair and worthwhile distribution of school funds, identifying lacking areas in the system and identifying strategies to improve performance are paramount to our mission statement.

Norfolk GAINS
Norfolk GAINS is a grassroots advocacy group that is open to all stakeholders in our city's public schools - including parents, teachers, and other members of the Norfolk community.  Our vision is for a strong, vibrant Norfolk public school system that meets all our our children's educational needs, and that inspires families and businesses to choose Norfolk as the place to live and invest.

Norfolk City School Board
The School Board of the City of Norfolk is a seven-member group of citizens. Two members are elected.  Five members are appointed by the City Council. The appointed terms expire June 30, 2018.  Beginning July 1, 2018, the School Board will be an elected body.  Elections are held in May based on the City’s wards and superwards system.  Members are elected to a four-year term.

Virginia Beach City School Board
All eleven members of the School Board are elected in accordance with the Charter of the City of Virginia Beach and serve four year terms.